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Fin is a real life buddy for every individual to do their digital interactions as natural as possible. Fin is a trendy gadget you can wear on the thumb and make your whole palm as a digital touch interface.Fin is one of the Top 15 startups in the world at TechCrunch Hardware Battlefield 2014.

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Dreaming of a world where technology runs in the palms of your hands, where a mere finger-flick can bring you resources and functions never imagined before and progressing through the path to conquer the impossible, is the story of our small group of innovators and technology junkies.


    Founder/ CEO/ Innovationist

    A Passionate tech geek who wants to make his dreams a reality to form a better world.

  • Charls

    Chief Product Officer

    An expert in analyzing the business opportunities for company products.

  • Famees T

    Chief Operating Officer

    Provides the backbone and support to keep the team focused and goal oriented.

  • Arvind Sanjeev

    Chief Technical Officer

    An electronics tech geek who can blow peoples minds with his unique innovative ability.

  • Jithesh.T

    Chief Financial Officer

    Oversees all budgeting and necessary financial information.

  • Suneesh.T

    Chief Creative Officer

    Master in creating new innovative designs for various aspects.

  • Stallin

    Business Development Officer

    The man responsible for taking our business to new heights.

  • Electronic Engineers

    Software Engineers

    Business Development


Reach out to us to make this world a better place. We are looking for Partnerships that will take Fin to new business heights .

Email us: info@rhlvision.com

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Fin Robotics Inc, Stanford Financial Square,
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